What Do Cold Sores Look Like?

by admin on June 5, 2009



What Is It?

Cold sores also known as fever blisters are small sores which appear on and around the lips, the corners of the mouth as well as on the face itself. Cold sores are very common and can be spread through sharing the same drink as someone who has a visible cold sore.

They are a viral infection caused by the herpes simplex two virus. There is no cure for cold sores or herpes. People usually know when one is about to occur, because there can be reddening of the skin, and a tingling sensation.

What Happens?

The Stages

When a cold sore appears, a small blister will initially form and then it will grow larger. It will break open in a couple of days, and a crust will form on it. While a cold sore is present, it may be sore, red and irritated, and it may itch.

Cold sores are blisters which can vary in size. There may be more than one cold sore on the face at the same time. They usually appear as blisters on the lip which are filled with liquid and are very painful when they break . This is the stage when they are the most contagious.

Cold sores usually cause itching and pain but heal within about two weeks. They will usually appear over and over in the same spot and will stay very close to the mouth if not directly on or above the mouth.

How Can I Treat It?



Cold sores can cause people pain and embarrassment. Fortunately, there is Denavir, which can help shorten the duration and severity of cold sore breakouts.

Denavir (penciclovir topical) is an antiviral topical cream that is used to treat reoccurring cold sores on the mouth. When used as directed, it can lessen the duration and the symptoms of cold sores and suppress them from reoccurring.

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